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Cult Classic Time!

22 Jul

There is nothing better then a really crappy film that is so indy no one has seen it except for the people who made it. This is one of those films. Hailed as “the Rocky Horror of the MySpace Generation” Troll 2 is freaken BAMF.

It’s the story of this kid and his family who go on vacation to this little off the map town called NILBOG……and hilarity ensues.

There’s this amazing dance sequence by the kid’s teenage sister, his dead grandpa hangs around the house, and the only “sex scene” in the whole film is with a transformed witch lady in the back of an RV on a bed of popping corn.

What makes you hipster is that you’ve seen the film (IT’S ON NETFLIX…instant view rocks!)…..but what really gives you Hipstercred is also watching the documentary made about the making of this so called “worst film ever”.

The title of the Documentary is:  “Best Worst Movie”. It can also be found on Netflix or you can find out more about it at http://bestworstmovie.com/

I loved the Doc almost as much as the original movie……watch it too!

Now to get you ready just watch this and tell me it doesn’t rock and then comment on this post after you understand what it means “to piss on hospitality”…..because I won’t ALLOW IT!…..Over and out.