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I listen to bands that haven’t even formed yet

4 Aug

Music makes the people come together..(or so I’m told :)) and there in nothing more “hipster” then finding new music. Then you can chat with all your hipcred friends about Ben Gibbard’s wedding or Sufjen’s new track. A good way to find new music that you may like is to use sites like: Pandora,  8Tracks, LastFM or Songza.

Pandora, LastFM, and Songza are all “internet radio” sites but the cool thing about them is that you can search by typing in and artist or genre of music that you like and find other new bands that have the same kind of sound.

8Tracks is a little bit different. It’s kinda like a “facebook” for music lovers. Users of this site can upload their own playlists of music based on how the music makes them feel or a situation the songs remind them of. You can also “follow” users that consistently make mixes that you like.

All of these sites have links to more information about the artists and their music.

Me being hipster because I find new music

It’s hipster to know new bands or (let’s be honest) about music in general. You have “hipstercred” when you find new music that you like and then SUPPORT that artist by PAYING them for their music. Keep music alive and happy searching 🙂